503 Main Avenue
Northport, AL 35476

In the Clarke Gallery

Amy Swartz
Corpus Sylva

Amy finds inspiration for her work from many sources and mediums. Much of her skull gallery is motivated by her growing personal collection. Sun-bleached skulls often find themselves juxtaposed against the radiant hues of a varying garden of flowers, creating a distinct collective skull garden. The union of the living and dead has no defining message outside of its own particular beauty; like all of Amy’s work, interpretations are to be decided by the viewer.

Amy creates her own world of mythically charged flora and fauna; haunting animals and hybrids that exist in their own realm of reality. The inspirations for this otherworld are a melting pot of many things:

various world mythologies, Southern folklore and ghost stories, heavy metal, body-modification culture, and vegetarian/vegan culture. She considers her work to be a combination of Low Brow, Southern Folk, and Fantasy genres. Presently, Amy works in mixed media, usually in any combination of oil, acrylic, colored pencil, graphite and ink. She has used canvas, board, and more recently wood. When she paints on wood she always makes a conscious effort to allow the wood to work with the piece, letting the natural grain and knots show whenever possible.