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Joni Gruber
“Earth and Beyond”

Inspired by the swirling sea, unfurling flowers as well as Hubble telescope images and science fiction, I create flowing, semi-abstract paintings of nature and landscapes including phenomena beyond our planet.   I use iridescent paint to depict the luminosity of our sun upon atmospheric conditions on Earth as well as distant starlight upon planets and other objects in deep space. 
Spheres and ovals are recurring images in my work at times as abstractions and other times creating objective imagery.  Some paintings are strongly inspired by the music I’m listening to while working.  Jeux d’eau (“water games”) is the title of one of my paintings as well as the Ravel piece that inspired it. "Destiny," "Descent," and "Scion" evolved into a series depicting the scientific theory panspermia with pods of biogenic material traveling through space, entering a planet’s atmosphere and ocean.  However, I’m not opposed to the interpretation of the paintings representing a fleet of UFO’s. The mystery of life in the universe is a theme I enjoy exploring.

Joni Gruber received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from The Ohio State University.  Her landscapes and celestialscapes are created with encaustic, an ancient technique and painting medium consisting of molten beeswax, damar resin and pigment applied to wood panels.  She often incorporates her own photography into the work via toner-based image transfers.