503 Main Avenue
Northport, AL 35476

The Kentuck for Kids Pavilion entertains both young and old with exciting adventures---from befriending a new musical instrument at the musical petting zoo, carving wooden crafts, squishing clay between your fingers or custom face painting.

A variety of activities for children are also located throughout the park to get hands dirty and creativity flowing.

Take home your own sculpture when you visit the Clay Place. Plenty of clay is available for shaping works of art.

Volunteers from the Children's Hands-On Museum (CHOM) work with kids on a variety of craft activities throughout the weekend. Making cornshuck dolls, a traditional rural craft, is reserved for years when warm weather permits comfortable working with the soaked shucks, but the CHOM volunteers bring their special touch of fun and learning whatever the forecast.

A variety of classical instruments from tubas to violins are on hand to be picked up, tooted, strummed and appreciated at the Musical Petting Zoo. Volunteers from the Tuscaloosa Symphony Guild explain how each instrument works and coach those eager to try their own hand at creating music.

The West Alabama Quilters’ Guild will offer various activities at their booth.

Custom face painting transforms faces into canvases at the Face Painting area.

T-shirts and handkerchiefs become works of art when their future wearers tie-dye them in a rainbow of colors at the Tie-Dye Spot. T-shirts for tie-dyeing are available for a nominal fee.

Marble paper with acrylic paint and a thickening agent with Kentuck for Kids volunteers and create your own personal stationary.

Learn about woodworking techniques with the help of the Woodworkers Association of West Alabama.

The University of Alabama Book Arts
program brings paper making. UA students will help everyone make their very own paper out of old clothes, cotton rags and bark from the paper mulberry tree.

The Self-Portrait activity, which was introduced at the 2007 festival, will return this year. Everyone’s inner artist emerges with this activity as children outline their face on a sheet of white paper. Then a sheet of acetate is placed over the outline and oil-based pastels are used to color in the face, hair and eyes.

All Kentuck for Kids activities are FREE!