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Adams, Andy; Mixed media; B-21
Adams, Charles; Glass; K-12/K-13
Albritton, Paul; Jewelry; F-23
Alabama Forge Council; Sculpture; ON MAP
Alderfer, Carrie; Two-dimensional; B-13
Alexander, Neel; Two-Dimensional; D-08
Ambler, Kent; Printmaking; C-11
Anderson, John; Wood; E-14
Andrew, Thomas; Two-dimensional; E-03
Armstrong, Chris; Fiber; K-07
Asuit, Jake; Metal; E-16
Austin, Ahmad; Mixed Media; F-21
Austin, Megan; Jewelry; H-03
Austin, Sally; Mixed Media; A-16
Baker, Marian; Mixed Media; C-28
Barnes, Frances; Two-Dimensional; B-11
Bathelot, Alain; Two-Dimensional; F-02
Bauer, B. Eugene; Photography; E-39
Baumbach, Heather; Mixed Media; B-22
Beck, Constance; Fiber; F-25
Beck, Kate; Fiber; C-02
Berry, Ned; Clay; B-05
Beverland, Jack; Two-Dimensional; A-10
Bibb, Sloane; Mixed Media; F-11
Bice, Anita; Two-Dimensional; A-04
Black Belt Treasures; Mixed Media; G-05
Black Warrior Review; Literary; B-06
Boatman, Barb; Fiber; F-06
Bohanan, Brian; Two-dimensional; 
Booker T Washington Magnet; Photography; C-23 
Bond, Angela; Two-Dimensional; E-29
Boscarino, Ricky; Jewelry; G-02
Brown, Alexander; Wood; E-33
Brown, Larry; Wood; H-18
Brown, Stefany; Jewelry; H-23
Buckner, Suzan and Chuck; Mixed Media; E-41
Butts, Alisa; Jewelry; B-19
Caisse, Kim; Mixed Media; E-21
Caldwell, Ben; Metal; E-45
Carr, Chris; Photography; E-32
Carter, Sidney; Two-Dimensional; A-30
Carter, Steve; Wood; G-11/G-13
Casey, Mary; Mixed Media; C-03
Cavender, Sarah; Jewelry; E-42
Cearlock, Rhonda; Clay; A-27
Chard, Robin; Jewelry; I-13
Charney, Jack; Clay; G-15
Clayton, Susan; Sculpture; C-25
Coker, Jerry; Mixed Media; F-10
Colburn, William; Metal; H-01
Cole, Micheal Paul; Photography; F-08
Cole, Traci; Fiber; D-14
Cooper, Robin Anne; Mixed Media; C-12
Cote, Josh; Mixed Media; I-01
Criddle, Jimmy; Mixed Media; A-03
Cröll, Arne; Photography; C-01
Crossroads Arts Alliance; Printmaking; B-16
Crowder, Kimberly; Mixed Media; G-12
Davis, Brenda; Mixed Media; E-24
deSerres, Lauren; Two-Dimensional; C-13
DiGiorgio, Donna; Mixed Media; C-32
Dischler, Tanya; Mixed Media; E-47
Disney, Theresa; Mixed Media; E-40
Dobson, Penny; Mixed Media; C-06
Doggett, Cym; Mixed Media; C-20
Durant, Amy; Two-Dimensional; I-07
Eaves, Nancy; Jewelry; A-32
Ezell, Sam; Two-Dimensional; G-19
Farley, Debra; Jewelry; I-08
Farwell, Garland; Two-Dimensional; E-23
Feazell, Todd; Clay; A-13
Filapek, Mary; Mixed Media; G-09
Fincannon, Karen; Clay; A-17
Fish, Deona and Craig; Mixed Media; A-11
Fulford, Taze; Mixed Media; H-13
Fuller, Cara; Photography; D-11
Gage, Kathryn; Two-Dimensional; G-01
Galbraith, Marysia; Clay; 
Gardner, Kelly; Mixed Media; F-15
Gasper, Jeffrey; Wood; F-22
Gibson, Terry; Natural Materials; A-09
Gillam, Paul; Wood; C-08
Gloster, Theresa; Mixed Media; I-03
Green Pea Press; Printmaking; K-04
Groover, Debo; Mixed Media; H-05
Gruber, Sydney; Mixed Media; G-22
Harris, Cracker; Mixed Media; E-04
Hawkins, Sundi; Two-Dimensional; E-25
Haynes, Anne Marie; Wood; A-22
Heckler, Dennis; Two-Dimensional; E-19
Henry, Tom; Wood; E-46
Hepp, Heather; Glass; F-13
Hicks, William; Wood;      
Higgins, Rickie; Mixed Media; B-18
Hodges, Kimberly; Mixed Media; J-05
Holbein, Melissa; Clay; K-02
Holland, Jeanie; Mixed Media; K-05
Hollingsworth, BF; Mixed Media; F-19
House, Butch; Metal; B-15
Hubbard, Alonzo; Mixed Media; E-26
Hubbard, Chris; Mixed Media; E-01
Hunt, Kathleen; Glass; C-04
Hurst, Leigh Ann; Jewelry; E-12
Ingel, Hanan; Jewelry; E-27
Ivens, Ab; Mixed Media; A-01
jack, bailey; Two-Dimensional; J-04
Jacquin, Mary; Mixed Media; J-02
Jayne, Carole; Metal; E-30
Jefferson, Mary; Natural Materials; K-03
Jimenez, Nicario; Mixed Media; A-08
Johnson, Dayo; Mixed Media; G-14
Jones  Jr., George; Natural Materials; E-37
Jones, Ana; Two-Dimensional; E-15
Jones, George; Two-Dimensional; F-05
Jones, Noel; Mixed Media; F-26
Juneau, Pat; Metal; D-03
Juneau, Suzanne; Jewelry; D-05
Karner, Peter; Clay; C-27
Karol, Leah; Photography; G-17
Kelly, Ginger; Glass; E-06
Kennedy, Kerry; Clay; B-30
Keyes, Laura; Clay; F-03
Kirwin, DM; Wood; G-06
Knill, Joachim; Mixed Media; H-16
Kopp, Jim; Two-Dimensional; C-30
Kunkle; Mixed Media; F-14
Lamendola, Willie Willie; Mixed Media; E-05
Lansburg, Amy; Mixed Media; J-01
Leasure, Kerry; Jewelry; A-15
Ledvina, Joy; Fiber; I-09
Lee, Mary; Jewelry; E-48
Legge, Eric; Mixed Media; E-02
Lemonier, Rodney; Clay; C-05
Libecap, Karen; Two-Dimensional; I-05
Little, Greg; Wood; H-04
Livingston, Daniel; Clay; D-04
Livingston, Rebecca; Clay; D-09
Long, Rik; Mixed Media; F-17
Loose, Peter; Mixed Media; A-26
Lucas, Charlie; Mixed Media; ON MAP
Lundy, John; Sculpture; F-24
Luttrell, Margaret; Mixed Media; A-07
Lyle, Anna; Two-Dimensional; B-31
MacGavin, William; Musical Instruments; G-08
Manrique, Belisario; Mixed Media; E-35
Mardis, Michelle; Two-Dimensional; E-17
Marks, Stephen; Mixed Media; B-01
Matasick, Sandra; Jewelry; E-18
McBroom, Amy; Two-Dimensional F-16
McCall, Andrew; Natural Materials; D-02
McCarthy, Chris; Glass; H-24
McCaulley, Heaven; Fiber; E-38
McCollum, Richard; Wood; E-22
McCrady, Carol; Mixed Media; C-24      
McDill, Layl; Sculpture; A-12
McFarland, Haylee; Two-Dimensional; E-31
McLendon, Michelle; Mixed Media; B-17
McMillin, Craig; Clay; H-17
McQueen, Scott; Mixed Media; C-07
Mercurio, Noelle; Two-Dimensional; D-13
Metz, Robin; Clay; A-06
Michael, Katherine; Two Dimensional; B-14
Miller, Jill; Natural Materials/Baskets; H-12
Miller, Steve; Clay; E-43
Milton, Jonathan; Metal; H-19
Mock, Erika; Fiber; E-44
Mohr, Jeff; Metal; B-24
Mohrenweiser, Mark; Mixed Media; H-09
Moore, Chad; Photography; E-07
Moore, Lucy; Fiber; C-21
Morgan, Jayne; Two-Dimensional; I-11
Mueller, Robbie; Mixed Media; F-04
Nichtberger, Liz; Two-Dimensional; D-01
Nivens, Charles; Mixed Media; C-09
Norris, Lisa; Mixed Media; C-18
Oglesby, Butch; Photography; G-10
Open Letter Press; Printmaking; K-11
Osborne, Jon; Two-Dimensional; G-04
Ottley, Michelle; Mixed Media; F-20
Ozaki, Yuri; Two-Dimensional; B-08
Paige, Kimberly; Two-Dimensional; C-19
Parks, Barbara; Jewelry; A-05
Peebles, Leslie; Printmaking; D-16
Perry, Jodi; Two-Dimensional; A-29
Pierson, Vicki; Clay; C-16
Pinckney, Charles; Jewelry; A-02
Poer, Roger & Renae; Jewelry; B-09
Porter, Turner; Wood; B-07
Prahler, Michelle; Mixed Media; E-11
Price, Josh; Sculpture; A-18
Proctor, Mary; Mixed Media; A-20
Ramey, Kip; Mixed Media; E-09
Ramsey, Kristen; Two-Dimensional;      
Randolph, Lydia; Two-Dimensional; E-08
Ray, Marisa; Two-Dimensional; E-10
Red Dog Potters; Clay; H-10/H-11
Reed, T.R.; Sculpture; K-06
Richards, William; Mixed Media; H-08
Riechert, Kathryn; Jewelry; H-21
Rieves, Deeann; Mixed Media; C-10
Robinson, Guadalupe; Clay; H-15
Robinson, Ruth; Mixed Media; C-17
Rodgers, Robin; Clay; A-31
Rogers, Timothy; Mixed Media; B-04
Rose, Jonathan; Musical Instruments; K-10
Rush, Barbara; Two-Dimensional; K-08
Rust, Marie; Two-Dimensional; C-15
Sackman, Carol; Mixed Media;      
Schmidt, Janice; Fiber; F-07
Scott, Sarah; Two-Dimensional; E-28
Self, David; Clay; G-20
Shaffer, Dr. Bob; Mixed Media; I-10
Shantz, Trish; Glass; C-31
Shepard, Petty; Fiber; H-22
Shoemaker, Susan; Mixed Media; B-29
Shores, Jim; Sculpture; G-21
Shoults, Randy; Clay; D-18
Skowronek, Craig; Wood; C-26
Smith, Leslie; Clay; D-17
Smith, Woody; Wood; C-22
Smoot, Amy; Clay; B-32
Spanjer, Tim; Mixed Media; D-06
Sperry, John; Mixed Media; A-28
Staley, Susan; Glass; C-14
Steelman, Emma; Jewelry;      
Steiger, Bob; Clay;   
Stephenson, Jeanie; Metal; B-28
Stoddard, Jason; Jewelry; A-25
Stone, Don; Two-Dimensional; D-19
Stone, Susan; Clay; B-25
Strand, Dale; Glass; A-14
Sullivan, Esther; Jewelry; H-20
Summersell, Steven and Max Morey ; Mixed Media; K-01
Sutherland, Vinnie; Mixed Media; A-21
Swanigan, Lukuise; Fiber; B-23
Swartz, Andrew; Two-Dimensional; B-27
Taylor, George; Two-Dimensional; E-20
Terrell, JK; Glass; B-03
Thang, Miz; Two-Dimensional; A-24
Thoem, Jenifer; Clay; E-13
Thomas, Ralph; Wood; I-04
Thompson, Dennis; Clay; C-29
Tilley, John; Two-Dimensional; B-20
Tortorella, Jill; Clay; A-19
Tuggle, Jessica; Fiber; D-10
Tyler, Christine; Two-Dimensional; B-10
University of Alabama Book Arts; Mixed Media; B-12
Van Leeuwen, Kale; Mixed Media; H-06
Vest, Diana; Sculpture; H-07
Vetter, Lisa; Mixed Media; F-01
Waller, Jeffrey; Wood; I-12
Weaver, Jim; Two-Dimensional; B-33
Webber, Stephen; Mixed Media; B-26
Wells, Della; Mixed Media; K-09
Wells, Yvonne; Fiber; F-27
West AL Fiber Guild; Fiber; CC-N1/CC-N2
West Alabama Quilters Guild; Fiber; CC-S1/CC-S2
Whaley, Kim; Mixed Media;I-06
White, Daniel; Two-Dimensional; F-18
White, Taylor; Two-Dimensional;  
Wickey, Faith; Glass; E-36
Wilburn, Jeff; Clay; A-23
Williams, Ruby; Two-Dimensional; I-02
Windham, Steve; Wood; J-03
Winfrey, Jen; Clay; E-49
Wood, Kerry; Two-Dimensional; H-02
Woods, Nancy; Two-Dimensional; D-07
Woodworkers of West AL; Wood; ON MAP
Yingst, Kreg; Printmaking; E-34

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