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beginning oils
instructed by janet mego

Oil Painting: demystified and simplified! In this 2 day workshop, Janet Mego will give group and Individualized Instruction on oil painting technique, including getting started with an overview of line, shape, value, texture, and color; choosing your picture plane; blocking in a thinned-paint beginning, focusing on shapes first and details later, and building the painting progressively. Our primary goal is to build confidence and have fun!


Janet will set up a still-life for you to work from, including flowers, fruit, and other objects. But you may choose the following option: You may bring a printed (preferred) photo of something you would like to paint. If you want to work from another artist’s work, it is best to pick something realistic, not impressionistic or abstract. A good, clear photo of a still-life, a landscape, or a human or animal subject can work well. Bring a color print of the photo to class with you. It should be 8”X10” or larger in size if possible


Needed Supplies:

-Brushes of varied sizes and types: FLATS, ROUNDS, and FILBERTS

-a variety of oil paint tubes, (suggestion: include titanium white, yellow ochre, pyrrole red, burnt umber, and ultramarine blue)

-oil-friendly canvas or paper (Janet suggests your painting surface be at least 11”X14”; 16”X20” is also a good size. In some ways it’s easier to work larger than 11X14, but use the size that is less intimidating for you. Another option is paper that has been prepared for oil paint.)

-pencil and eraser

-mineral spirits

-containers with air-tight lids

-linseed oil

-a palette such as a large white plate, (many artists use a piece of glass, taped on the edges for safety) or even paper plates.

-A couple of palette knives

-roll of paper towels


This class has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12. If the class does not meet the minimum, participants will be refunded. Tickets are non-refundable once the registration deadline ends.

Please email Mary Bell, Program Director, at with any questions. 

Kentuck workshops are non-refundable after the registration closes. If you would like to cancel before the deadline passes, please email or call 205-758-1257. If the class does not meet the minimum by the registration deadline and the workshop is cancelled, all participants will be refunded their registration fees.

03-Beginning Oils Cover Photo.jpg


Dates: March 16-17, 2024

Times: 1-4 PM both days

Location: Kentuck Art Center's Georgine Clarke Building classroom

Tuition: $75

Ages: 18+

This workshop is sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Meet the Instructor

Janet Mego

I have been compelled to draw, paint, and sculpt since I was six years old. From the first grade upward, after earning first place in a juried show in the first grade, and later receiving recognition for my early artistic endeavors in Baltimore, Maryland, I then earned a BFA in Art at the University of Alabama. Much of what I do has been influence by the fine art of “learning to see”, implemented masterfully by those professors essential in taking me far beyond the face value of that degree. I’m graced in this regard by having studied with Professors Alvin Sella, Richard Zoellner, and Arthur Oakes.

After graduation, I began working with watercolor portraiture and continued to exhibit pieces in galleries and patron’s homes in several counties throughout Alabama. Placing in juried shows and exhibitions concomitant with my tenure as Artist in Residence for the Sumter County Fine Arts Council in the 1980s, and as adjunct art instructor for Livingston University (now the University of West Alabama), I continued to explore the intricacies of the human face and its expression of emotion. Concomitantly, I felt a spiritual awareness of the beauty of nature creep from my soul into the watercolors that had become my favorite medium. Later, I rediscovered and applied the acrylic paints I’d used in college to canvas and to a more abstracted interpretation of trees, of water, of sky, and of terrain.

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