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bring us your bling!

help create kentuck's golden anniversary community arts project!

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With the help of the Woodworkers Association of West Alabama, Kentuck is creating a large, freestanding 5-0 to commemorate our 50-year (golden) anniversary, and we want YOU to participate! This 6-foot tall structure will be on display for photo-ops at the 50th Kentuck Festival of the Arts on October 16-17, 2021. Donations will be accepted beginning  March 25 and will continue until we have enough material to complete the project. 

What objects should I bring? Real or fake gold?

Most small gold objects will be accepted for this mosaic. Examples: jewelry you no longer wear, your kids' old soccer trophies, that one earring you can never find the match for, costume jewelry, pins, buttons, fake gold coins, old keys, etc. Fake gold or gold-plated objects are preferred for the mosaic; however, real gold is not out of the question. Scroll down to the next question for more information about real gold.

Please understand that donated objects will be permanently adhered to a mosaic, so returning them to you will not be possible. The Kentuck Staff and Board of Directors reserve the right to refuse any objects not appropriate for Kentuck's brand or family-friendly atmosphere. Kentuck does not guarantee  placement of objects on the mosaic. 

Can I donate real gold items?

There are two options for donating items that are real, 24K gold. Please let us know that the  object is 24K gold when you drop it off at the Gallery Shop. Option one: Specify that you would like to adhere it to the mosaic. Option two: Donate it to Kentuck (a 501(c)3 nonprofit) and we will sell it to a local jeweler. Proceeds will go toward Kentuck's Festival Forever Fund.

Can I help build it?

OF COURSE! You can help us make the mosaic during Kentuck Art Nights beginning in April.

Is this going to be a traditional concrete mosaic?

No - objects will be adhered with a type of super glue and sealed with a weather-resistant clear coat.

I don't want to/can't help build it, but I'd like to give you my gold stuff! How can I do that?

Bring your gold objects by the Gallery Shop any time we're open, or mail it to Kentuck Art Center.



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