kentuck after dark
the art of tattoos
with lucas mcdaniel and dr. christopher lynn

Want to learn more about the art of tattoos? Join Tattoo Artist Lucas McDaniel and Dr. Christopher Lynn for an evening exploring the history and process of tattooing!


Dr. Christopher Lynn will give a presentation called “Inking of Immunity: How Tattooing Can Improve Immune Functions.” His presentation is based on research conducted in Alabama, as well among contemporary electric and traditional hand-tap cultural practitioners in the Pacific Islands. Dr. Lynn also cohosts a peer-to-peer podcast (tattoo researchers interviewing tattoo researchers) called “Inking of Immunity” and practices stick & poke tattooing on himself when not teaching or researching. He recently returned from a field season where he learned more about Hawaiian revitalization of their traditions (called “kakau” in Hawaiian). Then, Lucas McDaniel will be doing a live tattoo demonstration.   

Your ticket includes access to the talk by Dr. Lynn and to view the demonstration by Lucas McDaniel, a cocktail or glass of wine, and light hors d’oeuvres. This is the perfect event for a date night or night out with friends!

Kentuck After Dark is a 21+ event. The minimum for this event is 10 participants, and the maximum is 24. If this event does not meet the minimum, participants will be refunded. Please email Mary Bell, Program Manager, at with any questions.

This event is made possible in part by a grant from Alabama State Council on the Arts.


Dates: August 18, 2022

Times: 6-8 PM

Location: The Georgine Clarke Building

Tuition: $25

Ages: 21+

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about lucas mcdaniel

“I’m Lucas McDaniel. I’m born and raised here in Tuscaloosa, and it’s now where I tattoo. I’ve worked at Tat205ink for 3 years now. I found out this is something I want to do by getting my first tattoo at the same place I’m tattooing today. Seeing a part of my identity that’s now on full display for the world to see gave me immense confidence and about myself. I remember thinking that this--this is how I want to make others feel about themselves.”

about dr. christopher lynn

“I am a biocultural medical anthropologist focused on cultural impacts on health and human evolutionary biology. My PhD research (2009, University at Albany) focused on speaking in tongues and stress response among Apostolic Pentecostals in New York. I have several ongoing research projects that involve embodied belongingness and health, tattooing and immune response, and fireside relaxation. My training is in biological anthropology, but my orientation is as a biocultural medical anthropologist and human behavioral ecologist. I teach courses in biological anthropology, human sexuality, evolutionary studies, neuroanthropology, primatology, and more.”