T.R. Reed and Jeanie Holland

Museum Gallery: September 3-October 9, 2020

T.R. Reed:
WHIMSICAL KINETIC PAINTED WOOD SCULPTURES. I make what I like to call ‘creachters’ – 21st Century tabletop incarnations of 19th Century ‘whimsies’ or ‘whirligigs’ – kinetic sculptures that move or interact by means of an outside power source such as wind, electricity, or the observer’s intervention. All of my creachters are original creations designed by and executed by me and myself alone. Here is basically how I design, build, and paint my sculptures: First I choose a theme, sketch it out on wood boards, and cut out the figures and shapes with a scroll saw or a band saw. Next, I sand and shape the parts, then assemble them utilizing various glues, nails, metal rods, wires, pipes, and wooden dowels. Lastly, I brush paint them with bright acrylic colors, giving them the cartoon caricature kinetic effect I prefer.

Jeanie Holland:
I am a maker of tales. For more than twenty years I have pushed and poked soft Georgia red clay into narrative objects. I blew it up with drinking straws, spent hours carving it with dental tools and incised ghost stories into it with pencils. I love the butter soft feel of the clay. I love the color of it, the way it feels to press textures into it. It is always teaching me something. Several years ago, a rug hooker moved in next door. Suddenly, I found myself in a soft new world. Pulling a simple strip of fabric through a background of linen allowed me to paint with fiber. The hooking itself creates a texture which stands up well to the clay. My current works are a series of small “snapshot” pieces within the confines of found cigar boxes, drawers and handmade frames. These mixed media boxes are based on primitive toys, make-dos and late night porch whisperings. I have begun to explore kinetics as a means to enhance the stories but the motion remains rough, childlike...like something created for a moment of wonder.

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