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E L Chisolm

Museum Gallery, July 6-31, 2023

E L Chisolm is a fine artist, muralist, art activist and creative
placemaking consultant, based in Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA. They
have a bachelor's degree in Sociology concentrating in Urban
Development and a minor in visual arts. They have been instrumental
in activating public spaces in underserved communities to help
increase walkability and wellness and decrease blight using tactical
urbanism projects and public art. Chisolm is currently the Creative
Placemaking consultant working closely with the Historic 4th Ave
Business District, and Civil Rights District of Birmingham, AL, where
she has contributed to over twenty community engaged public art
projects and counting. She has murals located in Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, and Knoxville, TN.

Artist Statement:
E L Chisolm is a portrait artist informed by a background in
Sociology and Cosmetology. Chisolm paints people they’ve
encountered on their journey. Their works are birthed from the
ailments of their Black American experience with the intention
to enhance the way other Black Americans experience life. They
combine acrylic paint, tissue paper, decorative paper and twine
on wood to show the beauty that comes from adversity and growing
into your truest self. They delicately place each texture
throughout each portrait. They encourage the viewer to get
closer, reach out your hand and feel the coarseness that
represents the adversities experienced by Black people. Each
flower featured in their work connects to the title and gesture
of the portrait. In “Revelation”, E L Chisolm expresses being
burned and having the will to grow on. “Revelation” depicts a
Black woman with a fiery gaze surrounded by the echinacea
flower, a flower known to bloom in places perished by fire. With
their works they demonstrate the beauty that becomes of
adversity, while continuing to experience it.

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