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pine needle coiling with susan davis

Join Susan Davis with Susie Q Gourds on January 13, 2024 to learn the art of Pine Needle Coiling! Participants will be given a gourd that is already cleaned, cut, and ready for your designs. Students will be learning pine needle coiling and how to add color the gourd of their choice.


This class is for participants ages 18+. This class has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14. If the minimum is not met, participants will be refunded. 

Please email Mary Bell, Program Director,  at with any questions. 

Kentuck workshops are non-refundable after the registration closes. If you would like to cancel before the deadline passes, please email or call 205-758-1257. If the class does not meet the minimum by the registration deadline and the workshop is cancelled, all participants will be refunded their registration fees.

01-Pine Needle Coiling with Susan Davis.jpg


Dates: January 13, 2024

Time: 1-4:30 PM

Location: Kentuck Art Center's Georgine Clarke Building classroom

Tuition: $125; All supplies included 

Ages: 18+

Pine Needle Coiling Class.jpg

This workshop is made possible in part by grants from Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

meet the instructor

Susan Davis

“My name is Susan Davis and I was born and raised in Palatka FL the 9th child out of 12. Coming from a country family, I've always had a love of art and as a kid I would sit underneath the oak tree and sketch. I later moved to North Carolina where I went to college for commercial art and advertising and then met a lady who showed me the wonderful world of gourds. Ever since falling in love with them I have put my personal touch and flare on each and everyone of my art pieces.”

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