Bee Berry Bowl-Doris Blum

  • As Spring weather starts to fill the air and you find yourself spending more time outside than in, make sure this bowl is right along with you. This is the perfect berry bowl for quickly rinsing fresh picked fruit and sitting on the porch with ice-cold sweet tea. Doris Blum uses prints from her own garden to give you this whimisical clay bowl. Approximately 6.25" in diameter and 3" deep.

  • Doris has had her hands in clay, on and off, for nearly 50 years. Relocating often, she was able to take classes when time allowed. In 2004 she became a 'non degree seeking student' in the ceramics department at the University of Alabama. She later joined Kentuck’s Red Dog Potters, where she has enjoyed hand building and a little throwing from time to time. Her backyard is wildly overrun with weeds and vines she collects to press into leather-hard clay. She then overlays colored slips and underglazes, lifting the leaf to reveal an outlined image. Her work can be seen on Instagram @DFBlum.

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