Bee Person - Peter Dragon

  • This piece by Peter Dragon is acrylic on tar paper mounted on board. Approximately 18"x24". The back features a Peter Dragon philosophy that art should match your soul, not your couch.

  • In 1974 Peter Dragon's father was sentenced to life in prison for murder. In the years that followed, him, his mother, step father and brother moved across the country from state to state. In twelve years of grade school. Peter went to eleven different schools, and because of this, his education suffered greatly. The one thing that was always present was art. He had no roots to any community, but art gave him stability. Today Peter Dragon paints characters he created as a child. Characters based on fantasies of what his father's life was like in prison. He combines acrylic and oil on tar impregnated felt and often uses a nail to draw or scratch out the image he is creating. Peter Dragon's work is in private and public collections across the country and as far as the United Kingdom.

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