Brush People-Kimberly Dawn Crowder

  • Kimberly Dawn Crowder has taken an everyday object and transformed it into a fun creation! These brush people feature a hanger and a magnet on the back, so you can hang these almost anywhere. Although each brush person is unique and varies in size, they are all approximately 7.25"x2"x0.25". 

  • Kimberly Dawn Crowder is a prominent Southern American Folk Artist. She has been painting since she was a child. During her prolific career, Kimberly has created tens-of-thousands of paintings and other mixed-media works of art. She has inspired hundreds of up-and-coming artists along her way. Although Kimberly Dawn is primarily a painter, she has also dabbled in sculpture, decoupage, stained glass art, and pyro-art. Her work is featured in numerous museums and galleries across the U.S.

    Kimberly Dawn is self-taught and found her niche as a Folk artist when she studied with the late Howard Finster at Paradise Garden in Summerville GA. Kimberly Dawn spent much of the last 20 years on the art show circuit and painting live at museums and music festivals across the southeastern states. After all of these years, Kimberly Dawn still paints every day!

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