Bud Vase - Orbix

  • The form, balance, and color of this vase is simply exquisite. This is the perfect peice to start inspiration for a room or the finishing touch to bring everything together. The purple glass shimmers as if there are little flakes of glitter in the vase that give it a really fun vibe. Orbix handcrafted you the ideal vase for wildflowers. This bud vase measures 6.5"x5"x5".

  • Since 2002, Orbix Hot Glass has distinguished itself by its refined handmade glassware and its connections with those who appreciate clean designs, dependable service, and excellent quality in a small studio and gallery business. For owners Cal and Christy Breed, Orbix emerged as an idea in the late 1990’s, though it bore no name. Deciding where to plant a glass studio was not a difficult decision; Alabama was home, with all its charm and subtle graces. Orbix resides on 26 acres bordering Little River Canyon National Preserve, just a few miles from where Cal and Christy met and spent many days scaling the steep cliffs or paddling the turbulent waters. Evidence of this landscape whispers through the Orbix collection. We strive to make honest, excellent work that someone would invite into their life. Cal leads a team of glassblowers who hand-craft each piece with great attention to form, balance and color.

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