Cake Tester Broom-George Jones, Jr.

  • Use this broom to check the doneness of your cake! Break one piece of straw off and insert into cake. Remove. If piece comes out clean, the cake is done. Approximately 11.5"x4".

  • George Jones, Jr. uses traditional materials and techniques and tools made in the early 1900’s to create his unique brooms.  Each is meticulously crafted in the time-honored traditions used by four-generations of his family, but George was the first of them to look at brooms as functional pieces of art.  Broomcorn is a long-fibered version of sorghum, and he still grows some of the broomcorn that he uses. In 1996, George was named a Master Craftsman by the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  In 2007, George received a Heritage Crafts Fellowship from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  Each year only two Alabama artists are awarded this honor.  All of the brooms are handmade. 

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