Catchin' Lightning Bugs - Jim Weaver

  • Relive summer nights catching fireflies with this joyful piece by Jim Weaver!

    "During the summer when lightning bugs were out, we spent a lot of hours catching them. We would punch holes in the top of a fruit jar lid. At the end of the night, we would turn the lightning bugs loose. I can still smell the stench of the jar when we turned them loose."-Jim Weaver

    This piece is acrylic on board and is approximately 12.75"x8"x0.5".

  • I was born in 1943 in the small town of Sheffield, AL. I found out later in life that the section of town I was raised in was called Hooligans’ Corner. I started painting at the age of 60. I’ve been painting since 2004. I started doing shows and selling my work in 2005. I paint my memories of growing up in the late 1940s and 1950s. My work has been described as simple, naïve, and childlike. I enjoy seeing people’s reactions to my work. I get smiles, tears, outright laughter. I want my work to make people feel good, because I feel good when I create it.

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