Cats-Layl McDill

  • These cool cats are the purrfect gift for any creative in your life! Each one flaunts a unique millefiore pattern, making these fanciful felines not only cute, but fascinatingly creative as well! All are built from polymer clay, and are sure to put a smile on any viewer's face whether you choose a crouching kitty or a playing one rolling on its back!

    A: Approximately 4"x1.5"x2.8"

    B: Approximately 4"x2"x2.5"

    C: Approximately 4.25"x3"x1.5"

    D: Approximately 4.25"x2"x3"

    E: Approximately 4.25"x1.75"x2"

  • For me making my art helps me keep this magical doorway to wonderment open. I am drawn to imagery that sparks that feeling of unknown and mystery like cupboards, drawers or placing everyday objects in an incongruent setting. I leave you thinking they are but you get to come up with your own reasons why. My technique and materials are also very mysterious. I use primarily polymer clay with the ancient technique of millefiore. Tiny images that cover every surface of my sculptures inevitably make the viewer wonder “How did she do that?” And even though I have been doing it for twenty years it still seems amazing that I can create a tiny picture can be inside a chunk of clay.

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