Clip-On Earrings-Sarah Cavender

  • Don't have pierced ears, but want to sport some amazing handmade jewelry? These earrings are for you! Each has hypoallergenic clips.

    A: Woven mesh squares, approximately 1.25"x1.25"

    B: Delicate petal drops, approximately 1.25"x0.75"

    C: Door knocker earrings with a stone set in metal with woven circles, approximately 1.5"x1"

    D: Fern chain earrings, approximately 3"x0.5"

  • Sarah discovered the beauty and versatility of bronze screening and other wire materials while studying at the Philadelphia College of Art where she majored in sculpture.  After graduating in 1984, she remained in Philadelphia and applied her skills and understanding of metal to develop a process of forming these materials into wonderful floral, leaf and insect representations as well as abstract form.  Sarah looks to her extensive world travel experiences for inspiration.  Her knowledge of art history and design influence her varied design approach.  Constantly in search of uncommon and unique materials, Sarah Cavender maintains a design criteria in which each piece contains an element of woven wire.  In this philosophy she continues to consistently produce a line of jewelry, belts, and handbags that are truly beautiful to wear and admire as objects of art.

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