Cross Necklace-Cecily Chaney

  • Featuring a handmade silver cross with a red jasper stone, this necklace was lovingly made by Cecily Chaney. The chain is 18" long, and the pendant is 1.5"x1".

  • Cecily Chaney began creating later in life than some artists. Upon retirement in 2008, she received training from lapidary schools in Georgia. She credits recognition of beauty, openness to new ideas and inspiration from the mundane and excellent as the basis of her creativity. She receives inspiration from nature, other art forms, architecture, and cultural icons from around the world. Like a painter’s pallet, she uses artsy metal designs which she has fabricated from scrap metal with colorful stones and textured metal to create one of kind designs.  She has been known to fabricate pieces from items simply picked up off a parking lot. These pieces seem to sell quickly, and Cecily believes that‘s God’s way of telling her “You were a good steward” and so you will prosper. And so it is, Cecily prospers every time she is making her pieces with a deep joy and peace that God has allowed her to see things she never thought she would and to be a part of bringing beauty into the world with the natural resources God has given us.

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