Fish Pendant - Joy Gauss

  • This raku pendant is approximately 2.5"x1.25" and hangs from a black cord.

  • Original hand-built clay art by Joy Gauss uses illustrative storytelling to share the rich culture and heritage of life in New Orleans. Clay is wedged and divided then hand built into my signature shapes. Surface is layered with drawings, textures, verbiage and often extended with small sculptures. Completed pieces are slowly dried then bisque fired in an electric kiln solidifying the final shape. Details are accented with an underglaze then each piece is hand painted with glazes. Only the final firing will reveal the beautiful colors of my glazes. I must hold the color in my mind’s eye as I paint. I fire in my garden using a ceramic fiber kiln that I built. Propane Gas builds a1200 temperature. Watching into the windows I see glazes blister, melt and shine. The Juggling of timing and temperature are crucial. I lift the bonnet and using tongs I remove each red-hot piece to a bed of combustibles. Smoke carbonizes unglazed areas and accents tiny glaze fractures giving each hand fired piece a unique aged look.

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