Flora Jars-Doris Blum

  • These stunning jars are handmade & decorated by Doris Blum! A delicate way to decorate or store your prized possessions, each jar has been created with love.

    A: 5.5"x2"x2"

    B": 5.5"x3"x2"

  • Doris has had her hands in clay, on and off, for nearly 50 years. Relocating often, she was able to take classes when time allowed. In 2004 she became a 'non degree seeking student' in the ceramics department at the University of Alabama. She later joined Kentuck’s Red Dog Potters, where she has enjoyed hand building and a little throwing from time to time. Her backyard is wildly overrun with weeds and vines she collects to press into leather-hard clay. She then overlays colored slips and underglazes, lifting the leaf to reveal an outlined image. Her work can be seen on Instagram @DFBlum.

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