Forged Kitchen Tools-Al Stephens

  • These kitcken utensils are essential for a perfect cut, a classy look, and a sturdy feel. All the tools are hand-crafted by Al Stephens and are guranteed to enliven your kitchen experience. 

  • Blacksmith Al Stephens worked for almost 20 years in a high-production industry in St. Louis, MO. While on a visit to a historic site in Illinois, Al was introduced to the art of blacksmithing and became a volunteer at the blacksmith shop. Over the next several years, the more experienced blacksmiths helped and encouraged Al to develop his skills. Eventually, Al and his wife Sylvia moved to Pennsylvania so that Al could pursue full-time employment as a blacksmith forging colonial hardware reproductions and custom projects. In 2000, Al and Sylvia started Pequea Valley Forge and relocated to their new home and shop in Athens, Alabama.

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