Ginkgo Necklace-Suzanne & Angelique Juneau

  • Women sure know how to get things done, and this Mother + Daughter team is no exception. The two have beautifully crafted a one-of-a kind necklace that is sure to match the inner beauty of whoever wears it. This jewerly is perfect to show the women in your life how much they mean to you.

    The necklace is made from copper, bronze, sterling silver, peanut wood (petrified conifer driftwood), and citrine, and it features an adjustable chain.

  • Suzanne and Angelique Juneau are a mother-daughter artist team. Suzanne is a master craftsman working in metal for over forty years. They create organic and whimsical pieces of artisan jewelry by hand every day in their workshop in Scott, Louisiana. They create jewelry using their own designs, and they use a variety of metals—bronze, sterling silver, copper, nickel silver, and stainless steel. They also use semi-precious stones and resin enamel to create visual interest in their unique pieces! Each piece is individual and follows natural themes.

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