Glass Vases - Sam Cornman

  • These beautiful blown glass vases are sure to enhance any space!

    A: 7"x6"x6.5"

    B: 8"x6.5"x7"

    C: 7"x6"x6.5"

  • “The Movement of Now Frozen in Time” Creating with hot glass, whether sculpting at the torch or heating in the glory hole or pouring out a ladle into a sand mold, is mesmerizing and meditative, relaxing and intensive. It is a waltz of motion with fire and a never-ending journey transforming through the creative mind of space and time while captivating the eye of imagination. A glass worker often repeats the same steps and processes over and over mimicking the process of the daily grind in our lives when we repeat routines and functions over and over and over. Often this repetition can lead to forgetting the essential beauty of the joy, of the imagination, of the fun, of the creation, of the being alive, of the process, the journey of life. However, the nature of glass allows it to captivate and capture “the light”, looking alive, moving yet frozen in time, drawing the mind back to that moment of beauty this is always here and now and forever and timeless.

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