Lace Agate Window Ornament - Whitney Clanton

  • This window ornament is made from copper and blue lace agate. Approximately 10"x1.75"x0.2".

  • F.o.l.k. fractals of loving kindness is versatile, hand-crafted jewelry. Each piece is skillfully constructed and artistically adorned with genuine semi-precious gemstones and other natural materials such as leather, copper, and sterling silver. In addition to designing and creating for f.o.l.k., Whitney Clanton is a yoga instructor, geologist and nature enthusiast. She has a passion for the environment and returning people to their inner bliss. fractals of loving kindness allows Whitney to express her appreciation for the beauty, science and healing qualities of gems and minerals.

    Whitney offers heartfelt intention and channels meditative vision to guide the creative process, enriching her creations with purpose and meaning. Every production is created in harmony with loving kindness and exists as an extension of the divine beauty present within each soul.

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