Masked Ug-Chugs-Nelson Studio

  • These ug-chugs want to remind you to stay safe & to wear your mask! 

    Each mug is lovingly handmade by Chad Nelson of Nelson Studio and varies in size. The measurements below are height, mug opening, and width with handle. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

    A: 4.25"Hx3.5"x5"

    B:  3.75"Hx3.25"x5"

    C: 4.25"Hx3.5"x5"

    D: 3.75"Hx3.5"x5.25" 

    E: 4"Hx3.5"x5"

    F: 3.75"Hx3.25"x5.25"


    H: 4"Hx3"x5"

    I: 3.8"Hx3.5"x5.25"

    J: 4"Hx3.5"x5"

    K: 4"Hx3.5"x5"

    L: 4"Hx3.5"x5"

    M: 4"Hx3.5"x5.5"

    N: 3.75"Hx3.5"x5.25"

    O: 3.75"Hx3.5"x5.25"

    P: 4.25"Hx3.5"x5"

    Q: 4"Hx3.5"x5.25"

    R: 4.25"Hx3.5"x5"

    S: 4"Hx3.75"x5.25"

    T: 4"Hx3.25"x5.25"

    U: 4.25"Hx3.5"x5"

    V: 4"Hx3"x5"

    W: 4"Hx3.25"x5"

    X: 3.75"Hx3.25"x5.25"

    Y: 4"Hx3.25"x5"

    Z: 4.25"Hx3.25"x5"

    AA: 4"Hx3.25"x5.5"

  • Chad's love for pottery began in his high school ceramics class many (but not so many!) years ago. He later earned a degree in Fine Arts with a focus in Pottery from Auburn University. Not wanting to be a family of starving artists, Meghan earned her degree in Business. They combined their talents and opened Nelson Studio in 2008. They now sell their pottery throughout the United States and worldwide. One day, while potterizing, as he calls it, Chad decided that if he could create something that would help people smile a little every day, it would be worth making. This idea sparked the birth of Ug Chugs and transformed. Chad into 'that guy with the crazy face pottery'.No matter how busy we are, we still put quite a bit of care into each piece we create, from personally making every eye, tooth, and lip to hand-glazing each item. We love creating our work, and we hope you love using it!

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