Mountain Landscape by Charlie Frye

  • Acrylic on wood with a wooden frame. This piece by Charlie Frye is approximately 6.5"x9.5". 

  • Charlie Frye is a self-trained folk artist and owner of the Folk Keeper Gallery and Antiques. Using primarily acrylics, he prefers found objects to traditional canvases. You will see his work comprised of wild strokes and bold colors on barnwood, crates, pots and pans to name just a few. Owls are a staple in his work, as is the local people and scenery of rural Appalachia. This comes as no surprise as his family has been in Lenoir for more than 100 years. Frye looks to his surroundings for subjects for his art. “I just look at the world around me as my inspiration,” he said. Charlie and his wife Susan are the proprietors of Folk Keeper Gallery & Antiques in Historic Downtown Lenoir.

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