Navy Necklace

  • This necklace features a red satin chain with a pendant made from Argentinium Silver using the lost wax casting method by Sarah Morgan from Birmingham, AL. The pendant is approximately 1" in diameter.

  • My training in lost wax casting came from my father-in-law, who was a dentist. Lost wax casting is a method of casting intricate metal shapes by first modeling the required form in wax, then surrounding the wax with clay, firing it, and draining out the melted wax. This leaves a high-quality mold for a single casting. After the metal cools and the sprue is cut off, the object is finished by hand polishing methods. I often place my pendants on bracelet and necklace chains which I make using the Viking weaving method. My vision for my jewelry and ornaments is generally to make everyday items that I see around me, but in silver or gold. I have taken jewelry classes in Albuquerque, NM, Roebuck, AL and at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The manufacturing jewelers at Agnew Jewelers in Trussville, AL continue to help me. I am an Internal Medicine physician, Professor of Medicine and Nutrition Sciences, but along with my professional life, I have a philosophy that to successfully age it is necessary to cultivate new interests.

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