Poem Ball - Elayne Goodman

  • This poem ball is a very cute and fun addition to any space! With two poems about curious women it is an ideal gift for any working lady who needs to brighten her 'work-from-home' office space! Elayne Goodman transformed this 5" x 5" ball into a joyful peice of art.

    The blue writing reads:

    There was a young lady of Lynn

    Who was terribly thin

    When she essayed

    To drink lemonade

    She slipped through the straw and fell in


    The green writing reads:

    There was a young lady named Bright

    Whose speed was faster than light

    She set out one day

    In a relative way

    And returned the previous night!

  • Elayne Goodman is a folk artist who is well known for bright colors applied with paint in beautiful and intricate designs on found materials. She also uses found objects and images to create collages, which draw upon popular culture. While on leave from her job as a nurse many years ago, she decided to take a ceramics course at the Mississippi University for Women in Columbus. Her 30-day leave of absence continues to today as she pursues art as a full-time career.

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