Porcelain Covered Jar-Adam Snyder

  • This jar stands approximately 6" tall with a diameter of 3.5" at its widest and 3" at its opening. This is a porcelain piece by Adam Snyder. Whether you store something in the jar or simply decorate a space, this work of art is just what you need.

  • Adam Snyder, located in Birmingham, AL, is a ceramic artist running a small business called Green Mountain Ceramics. The "Green Mountain" in the name signifies Vermont, where he and his wife lived for many years. Since 2007, Adam has made Homewood, Alabama his home and has his studio there. Adam's work is mostly in porcelain and some stoneware, with either colored slip designs, covered by a clear glaze, or glaze designs. All functional work is food, dishwasher and microwave safe. His aim is to make work that is both beautiful as well as functional, so his pieces can be displayed when not being used, and bring pleasure to the eye, and colorful design into the home.

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