Potholders-That's Sew Gee's Bend

  • Want to add a splash of color to your kitchen? These potholders are all unique and one of a kind and would be perfect for use or as wall decor! Approximately 9"x9", but each varies in size due to the handmade nature. Please note that not all seams are straight, and colors may vary slightly depending on the light in which the potholders are displayed.

  • As young girls, many of the women of Gee’s Bend trained or apprenticed in their craft with their mother, female relatives, or friends; other quilters, however, have been virtually self-taught. The women consider the process of “piecing” the quilt “top” to be highly personal. In Gee’s Bend, the top (the side that faces up on the bed) is always pieced by a quilter working alone and reflects a singular artistic vision. The subsequent process of “quilting” the quilt (sewing together the completed top), the batting and the back) is sometimes then performed communally, among small groups of women.

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