Quilt Gifting Santa-Kathy McPhearson

  • This Santa is sure to bring you warmth and holiday cheer! Made in Tuscaloosa, AL by Kathy McPhearson, this ceramic Santa is approximately 11.5"x4.5"x6" and would be the perfect gift for the quilter in your life.

  • Having been raised in very rural north Tuscaloosa County, AL you learn early to use what you have by making everyday objects useful as well as pleasant to look at. I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who did just that. Quilts were made from flour sacks, old clothes, and, if lucky, fabric bought at the local dime store. From rambling vines, straw from the many pine trees, baskets were made. Wreaths, ornaments, dolls are made of shucks from corn raised for fall harvest. And by taking what some would only see as a hard clump of clay, face jugs, bowls, and Santas appear. My interests are many as well as my love for researching the almost forgotten arts of days gone by—nowadays known as folk art. And all I have to do is open my back door and—wow—the possibilities are endless.

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