Rabbit on Yellow-Susan Shoemaker

  • This cutie on canvas is by Susan Shoemaker, a Birmingham, AL artist. Shoemaker’s current work includes pieces on wood panel, canvas, and paper. Pieces typically involve several coats of under painting and multiple layers of drawing, resulting in a very textural piece. This original is 4"x4"x2". 

  • A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Shoemaker received her BFA from the University of Montevallo in 2000, a degree that concluded in a double concentration in Printmaking and Sculpture with Painting not too far behind. However, after she graduated, she became a printmaker without a press, inspiring a return to my first love of drawing.  This led to the creation of a studio called “pencilpress.”


    "I find using animals as my primary focus in art can be tricky.  I am always looking to find the balance between a straightforward representation and indulging a sense of humor about myself and my work.  My ultimate goal is that the animals are well represented, funny when intended, and always portrayed in an interesting way."

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