Remnant Scarves - Black Belt Designs

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  • The fabric in this garment is a remnant of the storm that swept through Tuscaloosa on April 27, 2011.  The fabrics, owned by Dr. Sue Parker, were found in the mud, hanging in trees, and scattered across the 15th Street corridor. With help from volunteers much of the fabric was recovered; washed and cleaned; and then donated to be made into beautiful and useful garments.  The artists who designed and constructed the clothing established Black Belt Designs in York, Alabama where they create custom designed clothing and wearable art. Most of the items they create have been made from materials that may have been discounted or discarded while they saw only possibilities

    A: 60" long

    B: 40" long

    C: 60" long

    D: 54" long 

    E: 54" long 

    F: 54" long

    G: 54" long 

    H: 60" long

    I: 60" long

    J: 60" long

    K:  60" long

    L: 54" long

    M: 55" long

  • I may be any woman in a small town in the Black Belt.  I have no idea what my abilities are because I have accepted roles defined by others. My church community is extremely important to me.  We share a common thread of similar backgrounds, incomes, situations and most of all the music that is so lifting to us. I fear being judged stupid or ignorant so I avoid trying new things.  I may never have traveled outside my county, my state, or even to a large city.  I have dreams.  I have been told my dreams are too grand and I cannot attain them.  My self-esteem is so low when I try a new idea and fail, I find it harder and harder to try again, but I still hold on to my dreams.  Why do I tell you this when I know you have heard similar accounts repeatedly.  I am working toward my dream of sewing, designing and marketing clothes.  I will create my own business with the skills I am learning at Black Belt Designs.  I am learning to believe in me, my ability and skills.  It is time for me to be what I dream of being.  No one can take my joy.  I am any woman.

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