Royal Conifer Earrings-Kate Rothra Fleming

  • These gorgeous, funky earrings are just waiting for someone to show them off! Each features a deep blue glass body studded with a myriad of tiny irridescent black glass beads, making for a dazzling show of glimmering colors. Try these on, and you are sure to fall in love! Glass approximately 0.75"x0.6", Length approximately 1.6" 

  • Based in Charleston, SC and Golfito, Costa Rica, Kate shapes molten glass in an oxygen-propane flame and designs it into jewelry. Glass lends endless opportunities to mimic luxurious natural materials like fur, precious stones, and fine grain wood, which she incorporates into her work. Co-founding Ocho Verde, a wildlife reserve & home to her glass studio in Central America, she designs pieces based on a lifelong fascination with natural history and a spirit for adventure.

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