See Star-Betsy Youngquist

  • This is not just any ordinary sea star--he sparkles with everything he's got! Bedazzled with intricate beadwork, his lovely blue eye will always be happy to meet your gaze and brighten the room. Though small in scale, this sculptural being is sure to add tremendous presence to your home! Approximately 3.75"x4"x1.4"

  • I have always been fascinated with the intersection of humans,     animals and mythology. My creative pursuits are centered on

    exploring those connections. Beads form the backbone of the

    materials I use. The colorful, textured three-dimensional nature of beadwork allows me to explore the world of detail. There is also

    the history of beads as a ceremonial art material that entices me. Eyes are my narrative center. When I start a piece I start with the

    eyes. In needing to meet a creature through the eyes I begin to

    understand what each character wants to become. The

    juxtaposition of beads with unorthodox materials had led me into the world of mosaics. I am drawn to the visual effect of beads

    embedded in dirt. There is something mysterious and primal

    about a dirt covered object. When creating these embellished

    objects, I collaborate with sculptor R. Scott Long in designing and constructing the forms. Each piece starts as a unique carving. The surfaces are encrusted with beads and found materials, often

    incorporating fragments of old porcelain dolls. 

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