Silver Amethyst Earrings - Megan Austin

  • Bringing back this lovely amethyst, you can never go wrong with this New Age gem. You do not have to be born in February to style these elegant earrings (but if you were, then these are your perfect match!). With whimsical and fun silver detail lining the rounded gem, these are destined to make you and your soul feel twice as young once you wear them. These earrings dangle at 1.8" long. 

  • I love symbolism and try to create pieces that possess meaning and that will have significance and meaning to their owners. Hopefully the jewelry you purchase will be a piece that you cherish for years to come. I am known in the jewelry world for my expertise in polishing Opal, Ammolite, Larimar, and Turquoise. I typically get orders from other retail jewelers for these stones and I am one of roughly 10 polishers in the USA that possesses the skill to polish Ammolite. I get all of my stones in the rough direct from the mine. When setting my stones, I try and pull the design in the silver from the stone which makes the piece stronger visually as a whole. I have entered my jewelry in many exhibits and I now go to Arts and Craft shows all around the US to sell my pieces. My mission is to provide the highest quality items for the best price possible. I believe that everyone deserves to own something beautiful and meaningful.

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