Skull Rings-Kayla Moring

  • These skull rings are a funky ceramic accessory! Each skull is 0.75" tall and 0.6" wide and is on an adjustable band.


    I am a graduate of The University of Alabama with a Bachelors in Art and a minor in Art History. I fell in love with ceramics after taking my first class in 2011. The possibilities of clay are endless and that is what keeps my passion alive. I love to experiment, and I find with clay my imagination can run wild with ideas. I also like to dabble in various mediums such as watercolor, acrylic paint, charcoal, resin and whatever else sparks my interest. I have been doing some form of art my whole life, whether it be in coloring books or on canvas. I have been an active member of the Red Dog Potters of Kentuck since 2013. I enjoy the co-op experience and being able to work in a creative environment amongst my peers.

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