Small Blue Vase-Marysia Galbraith

  • Looking for the perfect vase that is exquisitely glazed, detailed, and lightweight? Look no further! Marysia Galbraith has crafted a wonderful vase that will the steal the show from any flowers it holds. This vase is not overly complicated but not simple, making it the perfect piece to elevate any room without clashing. Measures approximately 7" tall with a diameter of 3.5".

  • Marysia Galbraith has been working with clay for over 20 years. For her, making pottery is as essential as eating and sleeping. After many years of working in university studios around the country, she settled in Northport, Alabama where she has her own studio. At present, she is a professor of Anthropology at the University of Alabama where she incorporates ceramics into her course which she teaches in the Kentuck Clay Place.

    Her wheel thrown pottery combines simple forms with fanciful carvings, ideal for both display and function. Every piece is suitable for microwave and traditional oven and is dishwasher safe.

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