Snakes-Anthony Tavis

  • These colorful, squiggly snakes come in two lengths: 26.5" and 45.5". Anthony Tavis created a kind of snake you want in your house! These snakes will add a pop of color and a dash of fun to any room.

  • My art embraces people, places, culture, flora and fauna of all types.  I like to pick through the clutter of civilization and extract the good, fun, interesting and unique aspects that I find worthy of salvaging.  Ideas for my art can be triggered by a personal experience such as reading, some place I’ve been, the food I eat, a person I meet, or a song I hear.  Most of my creations are painted on scrap plywood, oriental strand board, and other salvaged material. Once I have finished processing the raw materials, I apply a design and color scheme. I use mostly acrylic paint and latex house paint that would otherwise have found its way to the landfill. I like to think of my art pieces as kitschy roadside attractions on the highway between vintage and pop. The process of making art from salvaged materials and meeting people who want it displayed in their living or work space gives me great satisfaction and a sense of purpose. My art is not intended for outdoor display, so hang your new Anthony Tavis original in a dry place free from direct sunlight. Thank you and enjoy!

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