Soap/Business Card Holders-Lula Woodworks

  • These stunning pieces can be used as business card holders or soap holders--take your pick! Each one is unique and handmade, so check the list below for specific sizes.

    A: 3.75"x3"x.5"

    B: 4"x3"x.75"

    C: 4"x3"x.75"

    D: 3.5"x2.5"x.75"

  • What makes my work what it is - is the same thing that has been driving my wife, Lula, insane for 23 years - there is just no telling what I am going to do. I walk into my shop everyday with my sidekick, Linus the Wonder Hound, with the intention of creating some art. What kind of art, we don’t know. Linus hasn’t learned how to use the table saw yet, so his job is limited to letting me know if a cat walks by the shop door. So the actual work is left to me.  I have no designs; I have no templates; I never make the same piece twice. It’s impossible, every piece of wood is different. I start by looking at my wood and then it tells me where it wants to go. I work for Mother Nature, she created the beauty of the wood. My job is simple, to not screw up what she’s made. There is never a need for stains or dyes. The natural colors of her wood need nothing more than a coat of mineral oil to make them pop. Where my talent lies is in being an old school craftsman and being able to take what she created and put it together in ways that work for the two of us. Mother Nature has already created the art in every piece of hardwood I use. All I do is just find it and bring it out.

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