The Door-Beth Conklin

  • This digital art piece is approximately 12"x12"x2".


    "A photograph of a child with a sad face, a hauntingly empty room, a lady with a mischievous look... I see them and want to give them new life. Most of my work involves vintage photographs- recycled memories and faces and places that I bring together with textures and new photographs to create dark and beautiful dreamscapes."-Beth Conklin

  • Beth Conklin is a photographer and digital artist from Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in mechanical engineering. While in college, Conklin also studied photography, but she is primarily self-taught in digital art and collage. She draws inspiration from interesting old photographs—a child with a sad face, a hauntingly empty room, a lady with a mischievous look—and gives them new life. Conklin uses vintage photographs—recycled memories, faces, and places that she brings together with modern textures to create beautiful and dark dreamscapes.

    Each of Conklin’s pieces are based on a quotation from a different work of literature. From modern songs to poems by Emily Dickinson, and from Stephen King to Dr. Seuss, Conklin’s reading list is varied and has something for everyone. By connecting her art to the art of others, her work hits many points on the emotional spectrum. Though her work is created digitally, once the work is mounted to its cradled wood panel, Conklin never duplicates it. Each piece is one of a kind.

    Conklin’s art has been featured in the magazine Somerset Digital Studio, and her blog Here on Earth, which showcases her work, was featured in the Winter 2013 edition of Artful Blogging Magazine. She has exhibited at the Kentuck Festival of the Arts, Magic City Art Connection, and the Moss Rock Festival.

    Conklin’s advice to emerging artists is, “…to make what you want to make; don’t try to manufacture what you think will be popular. If it truly comes from the heart, it will be your be art.”

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