Tree House-Theresa Gloster

  • This stunning piece by Theresa Gloster is acrylic on wood and approximately 19.5"x17"x2". 

  • Theresa Gloster is a self-taught memory artist whose paintings chronicle her childhood years in the small African American community of Bushtown, NC. Born in a WV mining camp, Ms. Gloster grew up in the high foothills of NC, where she lived with her grandparents in a household that included 12 kids. More than five decades later, she lives in the same community, where her home is  regularly filled with family members & neighborhood children, & with painted memories that grace both hanging canvases & the house’s walls. She says everything is subject to be painted. “Wood, clothes, furniture, dishes, anything that is old, I use to paint on.” The paintings gathered here chronicle a time of lived community, a time when families worked together to overcome the hardships of segregation & marginalization, a time that Ms. Gloster described as one of collective transcending. The images are neither overly romantic nor overtly critical; instead they’re simply – in Ms. Gloster’s works – “true.”

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