Tree Nymph-Hayes Dobbins

  • This stunning ceramic piece is made from wild clay and is approximately 6"x5"x4.5". Orignially featured in Hayes's solo show Preparing to Soar. To learn more about Hayes's inspiration, please visit

  • I am an artist originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, working out of a
    community studio of the Kentuck Red Dog Potters. I studied art at the
    University of Montevallo and earned a BFA concentrating in ceramic
    sculpture. My work is inspired by my walks in the woods where I
    envision figures emerging from the trees. My dresses mingle vines,
    branches, and tree textures which shows the human relationship with
    nature. My mixed media winged figures are emerging and
    metamorphosing from elements of trees, spreading their wings and
    taking flight. My sculptures are mostly self-portraits representing the
    struggles and triumphs over our human condition. I use wild, naturally
    occurring clay that I harvest from the creek and riverbanks. Processing
    it myself, I feel a closer connection to mother earth which is grounding.
    My process uses the five elements: earth, fire, water, air, and spirit.

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