Wave Bracelet-Jason Stoddard

  • The Wave bracelet is a part of J. Stoddard's Anthology Collection. It was made by loosely weaving three smooth gold wires & three smooth sterling silver wires. The loose weave gives the bracelet a laid back feel and will be a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection! Comes in size 7.25, and closes with a hook closure.

    Wondering if this bracelet is your size? To measure your bracelet size, wrap a flexible tape measure or ribbon tightly around your wrist and add 0.5" to the tight measurement. Interested in another size in this bracelet? Email mbell@kentuck.org or call 205-758-1257 to place an order! 

  • Jason began making jewelry in 1990. He was first inspired by 18th century sailors' knots, often bits of rope which sailors tied into intricate designs as gifts for their girlfriends back home. That initial inspiration has been a consistent through-line in his pieces ever since. But every artisan has to start somewhere, and for Jason that start was through books and videos that taught basic wire-wrapping. From there, he says, he kept learning new techniques and honing his skill. To create his unique bracelets, Jason uses a combination of gold, rolled gold, and sterling silver metals, materials he says he chooses for their beauty, strength, and durability. Pearls and gemstones also make frequent appearances in his bracelets. These are carefully set to enhance each stone and entwined in coils of silver and gold. Each bracelet is handmade by Jason in his studio in Boaz, Alabama.

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