Wire Faces-Sarah Baskin

  • Feeling whimsical? Add one of these funky wired pendants by Sarah Baskin to your ensemble! Each face is uniquely crafted from wire and beads for a fun and colorful look that is sure to make you smile. No matter the mood or occasion, one of these faces is sure to fit the bill!

    A: Approximately 3"x2"x0.75"

    B: Approximately 3.25"x1.75"x0.5"

    C: Approximately 3.5"x1.5"x0.75"

    D: Approximately 3"x1.5"x0.6"

    E: Approximately 2.75"x1.6"x0.75"

  • Sara Baskin has been involved in creative endeavors her entire life. Mixing media has always been an essential part of her artistic expression. She began as a painter of mixed media collages and progressed to a collage natural basket maker and off-loom weaver mixing batik cloth, dried palm fronds, and a variety of other materials. Twenty years ago she chose wire, a new weaving medium. Her credentials include a BFA, MA, and AA from the University of Alabama and numerous workshops and courses throughout her career as an art teacher. She does not confine herself to one specific jewelry technique. Wire wrapping in the “traditional” sense has no place in her jewelry. Texture, color and whimsy define her style. Baskin’s artistic endeavors continue to be a work in progress as she explores new materials to combine with her wire creations. No material is off limits and her greatest pleasure is finding new materials to incorporate into her designs.

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