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To avoid delays, teachers should be prepared in advance rather than wasting time on the student's classroom and themselves. There are not many different ways to teach online as everyone is new and trying something new every day so teachers should plan everything and try to involve as many students as possible. By involving students in the classroom it becomes more and more understandable that they understand and learn about it quickly. Questions, interesting random questions, involving inactive students, shouting helps students become more aware and prepared ahead. Students are easily distracted and In an online learning environment it is very easy for a child’s mind to be distracted and lose the information provided so an online educator needs to be aware of the child’s situation and ensure he or she is focused on education. . To find the best internet teacher he needs to be consistent in his work and try to communicate with the student day by day with each person without interruption. Instructors can actively attend and work to make their sessions more attractive and effective for a given amount of time each session rather than skipping the entire session at different times. One of the online teacher's main focuses should be on the student feedback provided where teachers can work on their skills effectively and satisfy students as well as themselves. Being an internet educator is not easy and being the best internet educator is not easy at all so teachers should always learn and develop their skills so that knowledge is not wasted and both students and teachers benefit from sessions and tuition classes are in trend but they are also creating a huge impact on children. Due to online tuitions and online educators students are getting the necessary education required.