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to lock, to unlock with kerry leasure

In this workshop, students will focus on all the doors that we open and close in our lives. Utilizing a large selection of antique and vintage keys, door escutcheons and vintage flash cards, the attendees will get to select the words and items that are meaningful to them to create a one of a kind pendant. The instructor will lead students through meditating on what doors they hope to open ahead, or which to lock away and leave behind.


All supplies are included for this workshop, so there is no need to bring any objects from home. Registration covers the cost of creating 1 pendant. However, if you would like to create multiple pendants during your time, please email to purchase additional pendants.


All pendants will be sealed with epoxy resin, and students will need to find a quiet, flat place at home to store them for 24 hours to cure.


This class is for participants ages 18+. This class has a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20. If the class does not meet the minimum, participants will be refunded. All registrations are non-refundable after the registration deadline passes.

Please email Mary Bell, Program Director,  at with any questions. 

Kentuck workshops are non-refundable after the registration closes. If you would like to cancel before the deadline passes, please email or call 205-758-1257. If the class does not meet the minimum by the registration deadline and the workshop is cancelled, all participants will be refunded their registration fees.

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Dates: March 9, 2024

Time: 10:30 AM-12 PM

Location: Kentuck Art Center's Georgine Clarke Building classroom

Tuition: $30; All supplies included 

Ages: 18+

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This workshop is made possible in part by grants from Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.


meet the instructor

Kerry Leasure

Kerry Leasure has always had a passion for all things old and long forgotten, and a love for the thrill of the hunt. She founded Here a Chick There a Chick in 2012, initially as an antiques dealer, and started offering her vintage jewelry finds to followers on Facebook. She immediately began playing around with the broken, unsaleable, and odd bits to create one of a kind pieces. As her passion for creating jewelry, and her clientele grew, eventually her booths were put aside in favor of working in her studio and selling her work at vintage and art shows. Each next step has been an adventure, and like all the best ones, never in a straight line. It’s been her joy to discover that her best find has been Herself. Her jewelry line is hand made from antique, vintage and found objects. Her desire to surprise and delight her clientele. A snip of humor, a splash of symbolism, a glint of sparkle, a wink of mischief. Each bit begins its life as one story, she writes them a new one, and the story then finds its owner. Each piece is truly one of a kind and cannot be recreated. She finds her materials everywhere and is endlessly hunting.

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