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this week's featured artists:

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"Portable wooden boxes filled with hand made colored figurines from a doughy mixture of boiled potato and plaster. My only tools are a small piece of woo resembling an enlarged toothpick and a knife."

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"While my passion is cloth I love the exploration of taking it to different levels with Stitching, and textile painting in the form of 2D It allows my creative process more fluidity."

"A constant theme in my life and my art is that we are one of many. This belief manifests through my approach to the figure. Every piece is an individual from the limitless characters we encounter: either real or imagined."

MM Xander Booker.jpeg

"My work is homage to memory, encapsulating the nostalgic, precious, eldritch and sometimes humorous aspects of the past, referencing the many Artists, writers, and filmmakers that influenced my psyche and love of all things collected."

MM Kendra Bennett.jpg

"Each piece is hand carved from a single sheet of 12lb black artistic tissue paper simply using an xacto knife. leaving a 2" black border I then float the piece between glass and frame."

Missionary Mary.jpeg

Mary L. Proctor, AKA "Missionary Mary", is a world renowned folk artist who started painting in February 1995. Her art can be seen on permanent displays in: The Smithsonian (Anacostia), The Morris Museum, The American Visionary Art Museum, The Metropolitan, The High Museum, The St. Petersburg Fine Art Museum,, and The Museum of Florida History.

MM Lauren de Serres.jpg

"I create narrative imagery using bright, saturated colors and patterns made with layers of acrylic paint, pastel, collage and ink. I enjoy making people smile with my work, and I also strive to show the importance of appreciating and conserving our natural world through storytelling and whimsy."

Kip Ramey.jpg

Kip is a self taught artist in North Georgia who specializes in whimsical folk paintings and his "can top people," as seen above.

On July 22nd, Kentuck’s Board of Directors made the unprecedented decision to cancel the in-person 49th Kentuck Festival of the Arts because of the COVID-19 crisis. In lieu of the in-person Festival, Kentuck will be hosting a virtual celebration of our already-juried 2020 festival artists—the Kentuck Festival of the Arts Virtual Marketplace.

The Kentuck Festival Virtual Marketplace is an online space for artists to connect with Kentuck customers despite current public health concerns. The Marketplace will be the center of the action and will include each participating artists’ online shop where they can list art for sale and create videos to demonstrate their craft. Also included will be a calendar of live and prerecorded content, a “No Show” VIP program, and corporate partnership opportunities. The Marketplace will go live October 10, 2020 at 9:00am!



Berry, Ned

Evans, Daniel - Heatwork Studio

Fielder, Helene - Bumblebee Pottery

Fincannon, Karen - Artworks by Karen Fincannon

Galbraith, Marysia - Marysia Galbraith Pottery

Gindlesberger, Taylor - Live Oaks Pottery

Hofrenning, Paul - Shino Pottery

Kentuck Red Dog Potters

Robinson, Guadalupe - Guadalupe Pottery Studio

Marks, Martha - Martha Marks Pottery

McMillan, Craig - Studio McMillan

Self, David - David Joseph Self

Shaier, Elite - Elite the Artist

Stelzer, Karl - Stelzer Stoneware

Williams, Melissa - Holbein Pottery

Wood, Jane - Jane Wood Arts

Zama, Caroline - Star Bird Pottery


Beck, Kate - Kate Beck New Orleans

Byland, David - Bison Ridge Leather Company

Conklin, Sarah - Feather Wild

Marling, Susan - Marling Originals

Mock, Erika - Erika Mock Textiles

Moore, Thomas - Lucy's Toys

Poole, Melanie - Steampunk Butterfly

Swanigan, Lukuise - Lukuise Designs

Tesser, Sharon - Sharon Tesser LLC


Aplin, Dennis - Aplin Artworks

Eubank, Janice - TheJaniceArt.Com

Terrell, Jk - Brown Shed Glass Studio

Whitt, Mary Jane - Fired Up! Fused Glass


Austin, Megan - M.D. Jewelry Design

Bethea, Rebecca - Becky's Sparkle Designs

Cavender, Sarah - Sarah Cavender Metalworks

De Lorenci Johnson, Lina - LiMari Studio

Farley, Debra - The Charming Cherub

Gibson, Monique - Gypsy Gems Jewelry

Hurst, Leigh Ann - Leigh Ann Hurst Handcrafted Jewelry

James, Gordon - Of Nature Jewelry and Sculpture

Juneau, Suzanne

Knapp, Emma - The Iron Angel

Leasure, Kerry - Here a Chick There a Chick by Kerry Leasure

Middleton, Dawn - Dawn's Artisan Jewelry

Perry, Monte - Monte Perry Design

Ponson, Jennifer - Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs

Steelman, Emma - E.S.CO

Stopher, Cynthia - 102 Alexander Jewelry Designs

Wallace, Raffieal - Tangles Jewelry


Caldwell, Ben - Ben & Lael, Inc.

Clanton, Whitney - Mystic Nature Design

Doggett, Cym

Edwards, Anita - Anita Edwards Collection

House, Butch

Lucas, Charlie - Charlie Tinman Lucas

Sutherland, Vinnie


Adams, Andrew - A-N-D

Alexander, Neel - Neel Alexander Art

Andrews, Kristy - Kristy Andrews Art

Austin, Ahmad

Austin, Sally

Baker, Marian

Bennett, Kendra

Booker, Xander - Xander Booker Art

Cooper, Robin Anne

Criddle, Jimmy

Cumbie, Chris - Chris Cumbie Art

Davis, Brenda

deSerres, Lauren - Lauren deSerres Fine Art

Disney, Theresa

Embree, Anna - The University of Alabama MFA Book Arts Program

Gardner, Kelly Nicole

Haliburton, Jackie - Jackies Folk Art

Harris, Crackerjack - Cracker Jack Art Supply

Holland, Jeanie

Hollingsworth, B - Metal N Sole

Hubbard, Chris - Chris CHUB Hubbard

Jimenez, Nicario - ARTIST OF THE ANDES

Johnson, Dayo - Dayo Art

Klein, Amanda - MandaMakesArt

Kopp, Jim

Lewis Mason, Deirdre - Deirdre Lewis Art

Lundy, John - The Humble Hutch

Luttrell, Marge - Marge Luttrell Encaustic

Mueller, Robbie

Ottley, Michelle - 2 Graces Studio, LLC

Palmer, Mark - Markpalmerarts

Proctor, Mary L - Marys Visions Folk Art Museum and Gallery, Inc.

Ramey, Kip - Kip Ramey art

Rasmussen, Joan

Robinson, Ruth - Ruth's PorchArt

Shaffer, Robert - Dr. Bob Art

Shoemaker, Susan - pencilpress

Shores, Jim - JimShoresArt

Spanjer, Tim - Art of Spanjer

Swartz, Andrew - Skullgarden

Thang, Miz - Miz Thangs World

Walker, Laura - Art With a Soul

Wells, Della

Wiygul Williams, Kim - Kim Wiygul Williams Photo Art


McCall, Andrew - Vines & Branches


Baer, Frank - Frank Baer Photos

Croell, Arne - Arne Croell - Silver Particles

Elliott, George - George B.Elliott Photography

Moore, Brittany Carol - Brittany Carol Moore - Reverie Images (Art Photography)

Moore, Chad - Chad Moore

Parker, Lori - Beaks & Buds

Phillips, Mark - Golden Nautilus Photography

Schwarz, Julie - Blacksmith Photography


Lackey, Rachel - Green Pea Press

Piper, Douglas - Douglas Piper Art

Yingst, Kreg - Kreg Yingst Art


Awwad, Rami - bethlehem shop LLC

Reed, Tim - T.R. Reed

Wyrick, Rick - idaida studios


Bice, Anita - Anita Bice Art

Bohanan, Brian

Conklin, Beth - Here On Earth Digital Art

Curtis, Joan - Joan Curtis Art

Durant, Amy - Amy Durant Art

Farwell, Garland - South17

Fish, Deonna - Sleepy Little Dreams Studio

Gage, Kathryn - Kathryn Gage Art

Gloster, Theresa

Gordon, Brenda - Magnus and Gordon Gallery

Heckler, Dennis

Higgins, Rickie - HigginsArt

Jack, Bailey

Kirkland, Stephanie

Knill, Joachim

Libecap, Karen

Lyle, Anna

Michael, Katherine

Miller, Yvonne - Yvonne Miller Art

Randolph, Lydia - Lydia Adele Randolph

Ray, Marisa - Marisa Ray Art

Reily, Kelly - The Mod Couple

Rush, Barbara - Barbara Rush GeoCubist Animal Paintings

Scott, Sarah - Sarah's Paintings

Taylor, George

Weaver, Jim

Wyrick, Vicki - idaida studios


Brown, Larry - BROWN STUDIO

Skowronek, Craig - Lula Woodworks

Sweet, Alan - Sweet Woodworks



Alabama Media Group

Alabama Power

Alabama Public Radio - WUAL

Alabama State Council on the Arts

Bryant Bank

Buffalo Rock

City of Northport

Community Foundation of West Alabama

Druid City Living

Harrison Galleries

Hotel Indigo

iHeart Media

JamisonMoneyFarmer PC

Lawrence, Hitt, and Pugh, CPAs


McAbee Construction

Mercedes-Benz U.S., International

Nick's Kids Foundation

Northport Gazette


The Westervelt Company

Tuscaloosa County

Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports


Two Men and a Truck


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