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why kentuck?

investing in your community

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$1 = $32

Each dollar invested in Kentuck puts more than $32 back into YOUR community.

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thousands of children

Kentuck's Artists in the Schools program sends over a dozen Festival Artists to local third grade classrooms for demonstrations and hands-on activities. Studies show that students engaged in the arts have higher standardized test scores, higher GPAs, and lower dropout rates.

$5 million

The Festival makes over a $5 million economic impact on the surrounding community during the 2-day weekend.


enhanced quality of life

Studies show that community arts projects decrease feelings of isolation and encourage people to build relationships and a sense of place. 

5th in the nation

In 2018, Kentuck Festival of the Arts was named 5th in the nation in the category of Classic and Contemporary Craft Shows by Sunshine Artist Magazine.

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move the economy forward

Economic trends show that consumers are willing to spend more on experiences than material goods. In this "experience economy," opportunities for arts and culture experiences entice people to make this community their permanent home. 

invest in your community

In addition to the Festival, Kentuck Art Center offers 24 FREE community events each year, 3 exhibition spaces, workshops for all ages, and opportunities for artists to make a career doing what they love.

ready to join us?

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